MicroLine Design

Special Effects Design in Motion for Foil Stamping & Embossing

MicroLine Design specializes in the creation of custom micro-etch and repeatable textural designs for foil stamping and embossing. Micro-etch is the strategic placement and shifting of microscopic lines at multiple angles that mimic the movement of shapes when applied to a metallic or shiny surface, creating design in motion. When etched onto a foil stamping die, our designs produce stunning results when stamped with both hot and cold foils. Our innovative custom design work has a multitude of cost-effective applications to enhance product appearance, while adding a sense of value and a high level of security and protection due to the extreme difficulty of duplication.

Our new MicroLine Design brochure outlines the process and showcases our custom design capabilities that can take your product to the next level and separate it from the competition. View the production video, download the MicroLine Design interactive digital brochure, and request your Sample Kit today!

MicroLine Design’s Test Die

The MicroLine Design Test Die is one of the most valuable and beneficial tools you can have for foil stamping micro-etch design work with both hot and cold foils. Containing 15 different micro-etch and 6 emboss/deboss variations, the Test Die allows you to stamp the stock being used on your project to determine which line quality is best for your application, eliminating guesswork and wasted press time.

Virtual Proofing Simulations 

Our Virtual Proofing Simulations allow you to view the movement of your micro-etch design work with the click of a button before any money is spent on etching it onto metal. This not only saves you time and money, but eliminates guesswork and ensures complete satisfaction with the end product.

*Virtual Proofing Simulations reflect the movement of the design. Actual results are based upon foil and substrate application. Simulation display may vary on certain devices.

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Research studies have shown that consumers choose products with a shiny foil label over those without as much as 26.7% of the time, which confirms that shoppers are attracted to items that catch their eye. Foil stamped packaging can give you a clear advantage in the marketplace, drastically increase sales, and can also be used to address many fundamental packaging challenges, while having a consistent positive impact on aesthetic appeal, product expectations and brand imagery.
Study Proves That Shine Sells, FSEA Website
Findings suggest that foil stamping can provide a strong return-on-investment and should be considered as part of a long-term packaging strategy, rather than exclusively on a short-term promotional basis.
Foil Stamping Strengthens Brand Identity by Elliot Young, Perception Research Services
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