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MicroLine Design had the privilege of working with Seidl’s Bindery, Inc. and Owosso Graphics Arts, Inc. to create the cover for the 2017 FSEA Source Book. The cover was stamped with silver foil on the first pass, black foil on the second pass, and multi-level embossed on the third pass — giving the camera and compass dimension in addition to the refractive movement from the micro-etch artwork. (Seidl’s Bindery, Inc. – foil stamping and embossing  |   Owosso Graphic Arts, Inc. – brass sculpted multi-level embossing engraving; copper flat and refractive foil stamping engravings  |  MicroLine Design – micro-etch artwork for refractive engravings).

Our custom micro-etch design work can bring any image to life …

Original Image

Micro-etch Bird Die

Custom micro-etch artwork is etched onto a double-etched foil stamping die

Virtual Proofing Simulation

Bird-MacroFinished Foil Stamped Image with Overprint


Drink Coasters

Drink Coaster Virtual Proofing Simulation

Star Wars Trading Cards Virtual Proofing Simulation

Totally Certified 2013-2014 Hockey Card

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*Virtual Proofing Simulations reflect the movement of the design. Actual results are based upon foil and substrate application. Simulation display may vary on certain devices.

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