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Graphic "Design in Motion" for the Finishing Industry


“Striving to keep design in the finishing industry continually moving and constantly evolving while setting the standard for unprecedented quality”


What Is MicroLine Design?

The strategic placement and shifting of microscopic lines at multiple angles that mimic the movement of shapes when applied to a metallic or shiny surface, thus creating ‘Design in Motion’

MicroLine Design, LLC Sample Book

When applied to a foil stamping die it gives the appearance of a 3D holographic image on a 2D plane at a fraction of the cost. Our visually stimulating patterns and designs have a variety of applications for trading cards, packaging and everything in between, while adding a high level of security and protection due to the extreme difficulty of duplication.

Why Choose MicroLine Design?

  • Our custom design abilities with fast turn times are our expertise and main focus
  • Our virtual proofing will save you time and money before production
  • Project consultation with over 75 years combined experience
  • 24/7 customer support

“The blink of an eye is all it takes to attract the buyer”


Research studies have shown that consumers choose products with a shiny foil label over those without as much as 26.7% of the time, which confirms that shoppers are attracted to items that catch their eye.
Foil stamped packaging can give you a clear advantage in the marketplace, drastically increase sales, and can also be used to address many fundamental packaging challenges, while having a consistent positive impact on aesthetic appeal, product expectations and brand imagery.

~ quoted from “Study Proves That Shine Sells” on FSEA website

Findings suggest that foil stamping can provide a strong return-on-investment and should be considered as part of a long-term packaging strategy, rather than exclusively on a short-term promotional basis.

~ quoted from Foil Stamping Strengthens Brand Identity by Elliot Young, Perception Research Services