Request Artwork for Test Die

A beneficial tool for all Finisher's doing micro etch work

MicroLine Design has developed innovative artwork for a Test Die that is one of the most valuable tools you can have for foil stamping micro-etch design work with both hot and cold foils. Containing 15 different micro-etch and 6 emboss/deboss variations, the Test Die allows you to stamp the stock being used on your project to quickly determine which line quality is best for your application. Take the guesswork and wasted press time out of every job from here on out!

MicroLine Design solely provides the artwork for the Test Die, not the actual die itself.

The artwork is $50 and will be uploaded to you upon receipt of payment.

Contact us to discuss your project and see how you can get your Test Die artwork

free of charge and incorporate your company logo onto the die.

Request artwork for test die