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‘The MicroLine Design Mission’

MicroLine Design, LLC’s mission statement:

“Striving to keep design in the finishing industry continually moving and constantly evolving while setting the standard for unprecedented quality.”


The core of our mission statement is based around continual development and advancement, while adhering to a set standard of quality.  When we speak of progression and evolution we are not simply addressing the design aspect, but our desire to see persistent growth and progression of the finishing industry as a whole.

We are in pursuit of pushing the limits of design through our custom capabilities and consistently introducing new innovative designs and ideas.  By providing our services to all companies within the finishing industry, this will allow companies of all sizes to focus on uninterrupted production and meeting tight deadlines, while bringing cutting-edge designs to their customer base.

One of our newest advancements is the MicroLine Design Virtual Proofing© system; an extremely valuable tool that allows the customer to view their design in motion before being etched into metal and make changes before being placed into production, thus saving invaluable time and money.

We firmly believe that over a short period of time, our partnerships with finishers will result in vast improvements in production turn times and raise the bar for the design standard, which we anticipate will result in a gradual increase of greater profits and more efficient production processes across the board.

We are by no means setting out to change the ways of the finishing industry, but instead aiming to make progressive strides and assist in improving the efficiency of a very specialized industry.  We at MicroLine Design, LLC take great pride in our work and look forward to providing the industry with instrumental tools and services that will contribute to its foreseen exponential growth.


– Miles Brown, CEO / Owner / Graphic Designer